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Florida's Transition Project

for Infants, Young Children and Their Families

Florida's Transition Project for Infants, Young Children and Their Families assists local communities in establishing trained teams to develop a seamless system of transition among agencies providing services to young children with disabilities, birth to six years of age, and their families.
Florida's Transition Project can offer community training and services in the following areas and others:

Video: Early Childhood Transition - Part C to Part B

Road Map for Transition

This slide show provides an overview of a systematic approach to early childhood transitions. The target audience is staff working with families who have young children transitioning from one educational setting or service provider to another.

The information provided applies to early childhood transitions in general, but also includes specific information pertaining to the transition from Early Steps (Part C) to School Districts (Part B) or other community services. It includes valuable resources to help families and staff through transition processes.

Downloadable Resources